HarmonicTranslation System 9.3

Cost: $3600.00 US

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System includes:

- H T System software (version 9.3)
- eDispenser software (version 1)
- H T System Omega Translator Device
- Electronic Kineseological Reaction Plate
- Training Video
- Operators Manual
- Cables and Connectors

The H T System is a computerized instrument for the analysis and composition ofsubtle energies. Used mostly as a tool in alternative healingtherapies, this instrument can also be used to promote newpsychospiritual states of mind and emotional equilibrium. The H TSystem can also be used to analyze and repair damage to plants andagricultural fields.

System functions fall into three basic categories. Analysis,Translation and Utilities.


In analysis mode, analysis programs (lists) are created, stored andrun. An analysis list is a group of items you wish to take readings onsuch as organ systems, organs, lists of foods or supplements. Whenrunning an analysis program, readings are taken via electronickinesiology. Most readings have two parts. The first part is thevitality reading and the second is the stress reading. The vitalityreading is a relative measure of how much energy the item beingmeasured has and the stress reading is a measure of how much stress ispresent in that item. These dual readings add depth and meaning to theanalysis.


Translation is the composing of treatment using the kinesiologicalinterface to select electronic medicinal items and set the variousenergetic parameters for the creation of unique remedies. Intranslation mode, the system functions as a synthesizer of subtleenergy medicines. The use of the kinesiological interface enables oneto make the most of one's knowledge and skills in the creation ofindividualized electronic medicines.


The dispensary data matrix is the scanning utility used to record orcreate new electronic medicinal items in the dispensary data baseutilizing the EK interface, The mathematical permutation tablefunctions as a numerical hologram to capture the informational essenceof any substance or energetic state. The group file to dispensaryconverter lets you translate medicinal information from older H TSystems.


Electronic Kinesiology or EK is a form of enhanced human perception.Just
as some people with special training can see things that would not beobvious to the rest of us, so too with EK, and only a short period ofpractice and use of the EK reaction plate, most anyone can learn totake accurate readings and make comparisons on subtle energy functions

eDispenser Program

The eDispenser program is a free player program for runningeCapsule  treatments composed on  the H T System.
Download the eDispenser program below. When the download is complete,click on the downloaded file and follow the install instructions.
You open and run your eCapsule treatments from the eDispenser program.

Included with H T System            



H T System Electronic Clearing Utility


Are your electronic devices making you sick?


All electrical devices, even the wires in our homes, emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Some of us are sensitive enough to feel this interference directly, but it effects us all. Carried on these electromagnetic waves are toxic information signatures of substances in the power distribution system as well as in the electronic devices themselves. Toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and a host of toxic organics are found in all electronic devices and appliances. As the electrical energy moves through the devices, imprints are created in the circuitry and the materials that surround them, that allow the toxicity to build. The programmed sounds and the electromagnetic signals generated by the clearing utility CD when played in any audio device, cell phone or computer, break up and antidote the toxic energetic patterns. The Clearing Utility clears toxic signatures from electrical devices and the structures surrounding them, not from people. You do not need to be present when running the clearing utility.

You may run the Clearing Utility as often as need be. It is recommended to run the Utility at least once per week.







The Audio CD ROM disk will play in any computer, CD or DVD player.

The MP3 disk will play in any computer and most CD and DVD players and contains the MP3 file which can be transferred to your computer cell phone or any mobile audio device that will play an MP3 file.

Cost:  $39.00 USD


The Electronic Homeopathic Medicines  presented here were created with the Harmonic Translation System, a computerized synthesizer of electronic medicine. Each of these twelve remedies is a video clip with sound that will run for less than one minute. To watch and listen to a clip is to receive the equivalent of one dose of that remedy at 30C potency. For best results, wait five minutes between each remedy you wish to use.

For detailed information on the use of these and any homeopathic medicines, search the net with the name of the remedy.

The DVD disk plays like any DVD move in any DVD player.

The mpeg4 disk will play on any computer and can be imported or downloaded to I Tunes  or Windows media player for uploading to your I pod, smart phone, or other device.

Contact New Science:
e mail   jmonroe@electronichealing.com
call       505 670-7802

2 Disk Set   $89 USD